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Why Creativity is Flourishing During the COVID 19 Pandemic

These could be dark days for us and yet people are creating more than ever. The COVID 19 shelter-in-place order has gotten talk show hosts broadcasting from their homes. Users are generating profound memes, thought-provoking cartoons and humorous videos by the thousands every day.

How can this be? Don’t people know we’re living through one of the most sobering moments of human history?  

Could it be that people are just bored? Folks have a lot more time on their hands. Rather than spending hours in traffic and in meaningless meetings they are now faced with filling their time with something else. Could boredom be driving this unprecedented surge public creativity?

Or are we battling our sense of being isolated? Are we just expressing our feelings and hoping for a connection with others? In the carefree BC (before corona) days, The Huffington Post quoted a New Zealand psychological study had concluded that engaging in daily creative activities contributed to an “upward spiral” of positive emotions, psychological well-being. Is this just self-help? 

Most likely it is all of these challenges fueling humanity’s need to create, plus the need for a sense of control.  When we are stripped of personal freedom and told that those we love could be taken away by something invisible, humans tend to stand up and claw back whatever control they can. Creating something hopeful is one of the best ways to do so. 

The act of making someone laugh is one way to control the mood of the day. Solving a supply problem by banding together to pool resources is another way to work toward regaining control. The act of solving a problem creatively is one of life’s greatest rewards. 

We are all “Davids” battling against a Corona “Giant”.  Let’s go out there and create something humorous or useful or informative.  You’ll feel better and it just might make someone else feel better.

Let us know if you want to make something together. The team at BTP Unite loves nothing more than solving a problem creatively. 

Below are my favorite creative efforts of the last week:

Bare Naked Ladies Parody 
New York Times Page Layout
Burger King Signage
Coke Out of Home

Mask Crusaders Website (Check Out the Link Below):

Written by David Boensch, Creative Lead / Art & Design at BTP Unite - David has successfully guided companies across B2C, B2B and all creative disciplines and media channels.

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