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Looking for your next Big Thing? Dream Big, start Small.

The best advice you may get all day comes from David Allen, champion of ideas, King of Getting Things Done (GTD).

“Be willing to embarrass yourself with any fantasy you may have.”

I like it already.

“Then ask yourself: what experiences would that give you? What could you start doing right now that would help give you a lot of those experiences?”

So very logical, so very wonderful.

If you aren’t familiar with David’s philosophies and GTD system, check him out, it may be the best few minutes you spend today. Or at least the most productive.

By “embarrass yourself,” David doesn’t mean running down the street in your underwear. He means aspirational, Holy Grail-ish, boy-I’d-love-to-do-that-someday-but-it’s-way-out-of-my-reach kinds of things. The ones where you might already be internally ridiculing yourself.

Things like, I want to write a best-selling book.

Or help to bring food and medical supplies to people who don’t have enough.

Or become President of something….a local organization, or the whole darn US of A.

It’s so important to have these embarrassing dreams. We should chase down what makes us happy. Think of how much more productive you are when you’re happy. 

You may be wondering, Is it too late? Too soon? No and no. Any time is a good time to embarrass yourself with dreams of impending amazingness.

Start small.

If you say it out loud and commit towards heading down that path– even in a tiny little increment–then you’ve started making it real.

Start by commenting on a blog post. Then write a blog post. Then start dreaming bigger.  Sketch something out or create an outline. Go from there and see what happens.

Or start by volunteering at a community service center, shadowing a doctor, reading medical journals. Go from there and see what happens.

Or start by joining a local organization, or knocking on doors to campaign for a local candidate. Then ask a local candidate if you can run their campaign. See what you learn. Go from there and see what happens.

None of the above activities should the least bit embarrassing. If anything, they’ll be  empowering, enjoyable, and highly satisfying. And you never know where they’ll lead.

People wonder how they can make their dreams come true. How they can pair their “normal” lives with something bigger and better.

If you dream embarrassingly big, and start very small, you’ll be on your way.

Written by Danny Schuman, Creative Lead / Copy at BTP Unite - In addition to plying his award winning writing and creative direction, Danny is an author, mentor, and speaker.

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