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Delay of Game or Vital Timeout?

As much of a struggle as sheltering-in-place has been for some of us, there may be a bright spot in this extended delay of game. When the economy stopped moving at world class speed, we were all given a choice, whether to wallow in monotony or figure out how to best use this time to regroup and prepare for whatever is coming next. 

How many times have you said, “I’d do that, if I only had the time…”?  Well…you do.

Before the pandemic we put things off every day. Important things, like spending time with our families, making vital home improvements and even taking on important business-building projects. We all seemed to put things off because the tempo of our work-a-day lives just out-paced us. We were all scrambling for time to just do the things we “had to do” rather than the things we “wanted to do”. 

What a difference a couple of weeks make. Now we have more time to contemplate our next move.  Some have chosen to simply spend it organizing their lives, starting with their closets and drawers. You see evidence of this every trash day. Piles of old shelving, musty rugs, and broken lamps all sit curbside in service of improving people’s once cluttered lives. 

Many others have used their newly found time to take on redecorating and remodeling projects they’ve put off for years. While other retail sales are down as much as 80%, Home Improvement sales have held relatively steady with only a small decrease of 3.5% according to Marketplace’s Kristin Schwab.

Some people are spending their extra time learning to cook out of necessity while more experienced cooks are learning new recipes. Some are binge watching content that had slipped by them. Others have more time to read.  

 I, for one, am in the process of redesigning my personal website. One of my clients is reinventing his retail business to face the challenges presented by the virus. Another is doing a much-needed branding update. Others are fine tuning their funding presentation and creating a long overdue email campaign and building a list to send it to. 

To be sure, all of humanity has called a timeout. So now is time to go the white board and draw up a buzzer-beater of a play to knock out that project you’ve been wanted to take on. Now is your time to get it done, before we all go back to full speed.

Written by David Boensch, Creative Lead / Art & Design at BTP Unite - David has successfully guided companies across B2C, B2B and all creative disciplines and media channels.

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