The Challenge

For decades, Gatorade had built what seemed to be an untouchable category dynasty. However, intense competition by major beverage companies and scrappy start-ups started to erode Gatorade’s sports drink dominance. Additionally, plain and enhanced water became cool to drink with the core target, making it another formidable competitor. Relevance for the brand also began to take a dip with an increase in category advertising. The result was a softening of the Gatorade image and perceived functional benefits. The brand needed a way to rekindle this lost emotional connection with the core target.

What We did

After a robust strategic process, the team created a new brand essence that would guide the brand into the future. The resulting campaign, “Is It In You?” would come to serve as the visual articulation of the new essence, connecting with core competitive consumers in a fresh way.
The campaign ran for a decade, helped the brand double in size behind billions in revenue growth and won multiple creative awards and gold Effies.


Tween Campaign

Viral Video