Uniting Chicagoans With Their History

The Challenge

It has been 15 years since the Chicago Historical Society rebranded to its new identity as the Chicago History Museum. Since then, there have been significant shifts in the culture and technology. Additionally, peer cultural organizations have been aggressive with new exhibits, programs and marketing efforts. The challenge was to review the current museum offering to help maximize relevance among potential visitors, members and donors and to help make the Chicago History Museum a “must-see”, and “must-share” attraction in Chicago.

What We did

Our research and brand work yielded a refreshed brand position and narrative. This was then translated into a new visual identity system and series of templated materials that internal museum staff could leverage across all communications. We also created a new marketing campaign: “Do Something New. See Something Historic”. Launched post-covid, this campaign blitzed the city with invitations to come visit the only Museum in Chicago that shares the true and authentic history of this great city.


Out of HOme

Digital Display