Uniting Students with A brighter future

The Challenge

Since its creation in 1878, Champlain College has been a career-oriented institution of higher learning. Their education has always been designed to help graduates get jobs. While Champlain had the right to tell this story, they had yet to tell it in a consistent way, bolstered with solid strategic underpinnings, across all academic divisions, and to all prospective students.

What We did

We dug in to uncover powerful insights, reviewing the data, conducting stakeholder interviews, and spending time on campus with students and teachers. We then partnered with Champlain to craft their positioning, brand essence, and brand manifesto. With those solid strategic building blocks in place, we were tasked to bring the story to life in a marketing campaign. The result was “Champlain Rules.” The campaign features non-traditional and unexpected “rules” that are really anti-rules, meant to challenge and inspire prospective “non-conforming” types of students, who are at the heart of Champlain’s target. The campaign won three Awards of Excellence from the UCDA (University and College Designers Association). The distinction was bestowed to under 10% of all entries.


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