Uniting Nascar fans with a fresh start

The Challenge

The Indianapolis Speedway is known as the crown jewel of Indy car racing, and the Indy 500 is that crown jewel’s top race. The other races held there throughout the year pale in notoriety and attendance. And it was even more exagerated for NASCAR events, with the track being too narrow and flat to afford much passing. In those races, lead cars traditionally sprinted to the lead and stayed there. When NASCAR changed its race format from long grueling competitions to races comprised of three shorter stages, we saw an opportunity.

What We did

We knew the subsequent Brickyard 400 would result in an action-packed competition that would be more brawl than race. We took cues from vintage boxing promotions to let fans know there was going to be a rumble in Indianapolis. Our creative promised fender-to-fender action and non-stop automotive combat. The TV also features single elements splitting into three, visually underscoring the new three stage racing format.


Out of Home